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Travel Circuit

Circuit 1
Gwalior » Shivpuri » Orchha

Suggested Duration : 3 days
Entry Point : Gwalior
Major Highlights : Gwalior Fort dominates the city like a great monoliths. It also contains some of the best examples of medieval architecture was once the hunting grounds of the maharajas of Gwalior and has today a rich Game Sanctuary . Orchha provides a genuine feel of a bygone era, a medieval city with its temples and palaces containing beautiful mural paintings of the Bundela School.
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  Circuit 2
Khajuraho » Chitrakoot » Maihar » Bandhavgarh » Amarkantak

Suggested Duration : 6 days
Entry Point : Satna and Jhansi by road and rail, Khajuraho by air
Major Highlights : At Khajuraho are some of the most exquisite remains of Hindu architecture which represent a unique depiction of life in all its hues. At Chitrakoot it is said that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh took incarnation and the poet Tulsidas came here in search of spiritual peace.
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Circuit 3
Jabalpur » Bhedaghat » Kanha » Bandhavgarh

Suggested Duration : 6 days
Entry point : Jabalpur
Major Highlights : Kanha is considered by experts as the best maintained Wildlife park in Asia and boasts of a wide variety of game. The old thrill of the jungle is still alive in kanha. The Marble Rocks at Jabalpu provide a memorable experience. 
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  Circuit 4
Bhopal » Bhojpur » Bhimbetka » Sanchi » Udairni » Udayeshwar » Vidisha

Suggested Duration : 2 days
Entry point : Bhopal
Major Highlights : Bhopal is a modern city beautifully built around an enormous lake. Sanchi is one of the most revered center's of Buddhism. Bhojpur is famous for its exquisite Shiv Temple & Gyaraspur has some important monuments dating back to the medieval Hindu Period.
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Circuit 5
Bhopal » Ujjain » Indore » Omkareshwar » Maheshwar » Mandu

Suggested Duration : 4 days
Entry point : Indore
Major Highlights : Mandu is still the pleasure resort with its hauntingly beautiful Jahaz Mahal and other monuments. Ujjain has one of the 12 jyotirlingas enshrined in the mahakali temple. Omkareshwas and Maheshwar are as sublime to the Hindu faith.
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